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Breakfast is available at our Main restaurant Monday to Sunday from 07.00 to 10.00am. There is an additional charge for room service breakfast. A take away breakfast can also be organized. Continental buffet breakfast is provided everyday

Credit Facility and Limit

Credit facilities can only be provided on deposit of your passport at the reception desk where you will be issued with a credit facility signing card. Contact the reception desk for further details. You will be kindly requested to settle your bill when it reaches a specified amount.


The hotel has over the years excelled in producing great and tasty Gambian and international cuisines with subtle flavours which can be found in the menu booklet. The secret to our cooking is attention using the right amount of spices which is essential for both colouring and taste. For a true taste and experience of Gambian cuisine try some of the following dishes:


Benachin (Jolof Rice) - a one pot rice dish where everything goes cooked with either fish, meat or chicken. Domoda (Peanut Stew) - a stew made from peanut paste and either fish ,chicken or meat with vegetables Yassa - spicy chicken or fish with a tangy flavour of fresh lemons or limes.














Opening Time

The restaurant opens everyday from 11 Am to 10 Pm.


Room Service​

There is a 12 hour room service during high season. Please contact

Restaurant if you need to be served in your room.

Happy Hour

​This moment of happiness is set aside to apiece our clients by giving them significant  discount of D20 on prices of Julbrew. Happy hour starts from 5pm to 6pm every day at the pool bar.


Pack breakfast
Guest wanting to leave the hotel before breakfast time that is 7am, may book a packed breakfast not later than 10pm at the reception desk.

Guest on Half Board
Guests on half board are entitled to one meal per person per day excluding drinks. please collect and sign for your half board meal coupons at the reception desk. however you must surrender your meal coupons to the waiter/waitress on duty at the restaurant anytime you want have food. You must put into account that each meal coupon represent your day meal entitlement. However if you are double and staying for a week, you are entitle to 14 coupons 7 coupons per person, Same rules apply for those staying for two weeks.

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